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International Underwater Spearfishing Association

Members of the Board

Andy Ansin

President of the Board

Andrew Ansin grew up in the water in Miami, Florida. In high school, college and years afterwards, he swam competitively and competed in water polo at the national level. Following in the tradition of Floridian spearfishermen, the Pinder Brothers, Andrew’s early years were spent in the Bahamas free-shafting lobster, snapper, and grouper. In 2006, Andrew used a free-shaft launched from what is locally called a “Hawaiian sling” to land a world record black grouper. After picking up a spea gun and training with Kirk Krack, 5 more world records followed.

Andrew has had the good fortune to train and learn from the best. Spearfishing partners have included former World & Spanish National champion Joseba Kerejeta, renowned Mexican spearfisher and mentor Ramon Guerrero, multiple world-record holders Valente Baena and Sheri Daye.

Living in Miami Beach provides access to great fishing grounds and variable conditions that have provided Andrew with a background that he applies on spearfishing trips around the world. French Polynesia, Vanuatu, both coats of Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica are a few of the locations where Andrew has spearfished. Notable catches include a 288-pound yellow fin tuna and a black marlin of over 400 pounds.

Andrew welcomes the opportunity as an IUSA Board member to give back to the sport that has given him so much. Andrew is particularly interested in supporting IUSA’s efforts to promote safety in spearfishing and respect for fishing regulations around the globe.

Secretary/Membership Chairman and Records Committee

Sheri Daye

Records Committee

SSheri was IUSA President from 2010 to 2015. She lives in Boca Raton, Florida, has a Mechanical Engineering/MBA degree, and works as a full-time manager for a computer company. She has been a Freedive Spearfishing National Champion, host of Speargun Hunter TV on Outdoor Channel for six years, and is a multiple world record holder. She produces and hosts an annual Water Sports Expo in Ft. Lauderdale called "The Blue Wild".

Her favorite pastime is simply spending the day on the water with good friends. Besides her love for the ocean, she is very grateful for the many good friends she has made through this sport. The more she spearfishes, the more she has grown to respect nature and hopes that it can be enjoyed safely and for generations to come.


Trevor Broderick

Treasurer & Records Committee

Bio - Coming Soon


Dr. Mark Steele

Scientific Committee and Records Committee

Mark Steele holds a PhD in Marine Biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He currently works as a professor at California State University Northridge. He has also worked at UCLA and the University of Rhode Island. His work on fishes has been done in Southern California, Baja California, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

Mark began snorkeling at age 8, but he didn't take up freediving and spearfishing until he started college in 1985 at UC San Diego. In 1990 he landed a world record North American yellowtail (68.3 lbs), shore-diving off Boomer's Beach, La Jolla, California. His current spearfishing focuses mainly on white seabass in Southern California, but he occasionally finds the time to venture down to Baja for more exotic quarry. His goal is to encourage responsible spearfishing practices by imparting a sound understanding of the ecology of the marine systems that we interact with.

Luiz Pereira

Luiz Antonio Pereira

Records Committee and Latin America Liason

This native of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) started freedive spearfishing at 14 and has dove off many shores -- from the Americas, Europe, South Pacific and Africa. Ted, as Luiz is also known, was one of the founders of the International Bluewater Spearfishing Committee (IBSRC), where he sits on many committees. He was past secretary and vice-president of the Brazilian Spearfishing Confederation (CBCS). Ted was instrumental in the introduction of bluewater hunting in his country, as well as the development of the concept of selective catch rules in Brazilian competitions. A journalist by trade and technical adviser for spearfishing gear manufacturers, he's a member of the Clube dos Marimbas, the most traditional spearfishing club in Brazil.

Dr. Skip Hellen

Records Committee

Past President of IUSA, Skip has over 35 years of diving and spearfishing experience. He started diving with the late Al Schneppershoff in 1965 while still in high school. Skip had an exciting professional baseball career as a pitcher with the LA Dodgers and the NY Mets.

His vision for the IUSA is to help elevate the ethics and sportsmanship of spearfishing to the highest possible level, and help restore the worlds oceans to their once abundant state. He held the IUSA Spearfishing World Record for White Sea Bass, 80 lbs., taken at Palos Verdes, California on March 12, 1994. Skip says, "The ocean has given a lot to me, now it's time to give something back."

Dr. Joe Farlo

Dr. Joe Farlo

Records Committee

Dr. Joe Farlo is a Cardiac and Pediatric Anesthesiologist who practices in Los Angeles California. He started freediving at 10 and moved from New York City to Southern California in 1992 so that he could dive year round. In 2006 he joined the Los Angeles Fathomiers diving club where he met some of his closest friends and mentors. Dr Farlo has served on the LA Fathomiers board since 1997 and travels with club members almost every month in search of bluewater pelagic species, as well as diving coastal for white seabass.

During the recent Marine Life Protection Act Initiative (MLPA), Dr Farlo became the key player in protecting Los Angeles spearfishing heritage sites. He established a local campaign to keep rocky point open. Rocky Point on the Palos Verdes peninsula became a contentious battleground for over 2 years. Dr. Farlo brought to bear valid scientific arguments for moving the reserve to another location with less cultural and socioeconomic importance ultimately influencing elected state and federal officials to pass resolutions to exclude rocky point from marine protection. Rocky Point in the end stood alone as the only area in the Southern California MLPA process that was won by pro-fishing activism. Although Dr Farlo has speared many trophy pelagic species, the successful fight for the heritage of our sport stands as his greatest accomplishment in spearfishing.

Ken Golding

Ken Golding

Records Committee

Ken Golding grew up on military bases in the tropics. Learning to swim in lagoons in the Philippines sparked a true interest in the things of the ocean. Moving to Guam, brought the first opportunities for solo snorkeling along the reefs. With a move to Panama, he picked up his first spear and was introduced to the sport of spearing fish by some of the local people. As a teenager he moved to Puerto Rico, and learned to scuba dive. Most weekends were spent diving, spearing and lobstering with many of the sailors who were stationed there. Ken then joined the US Navy and met his wife Shirley, also a veteran while stationed in San Diego. They were married in 1982. Finally after serving 8 years in the US Navy, Ken and his wife Shirley were able to move to South Florida, where they live today, spending lots of time in the ocean, both free-diving and diving all while spearing and lobstering. With the ability to go to the Bahamas, Florida Keys, Gulf Coast, Blue water gulfstream and many other places very easily, Ken refers to this area as a "Very Big Playground". When he is not playing, he writes computer software and works with Real Estate. Ken and Shirley try to split their time between Palm Beach Gardens, and Cudjoe Key, Fl, where they share the experience of the ocean with many friends and family members. One of the highlights of any great spearfishing trip is spending time have a great meal with friends enjoying the fresh catch of the day. Ken is proud to be able to serve on the IUSA Board, and looks at it as an opportunity to help others discover the incredible world of spearfishing. His desire is to help others learn to dive safely, have fun, share experiences with great friends, all while respecting the ecology and obeying the rules and regulations. He has a great desire to help ensure that all of the blessings from the sea will be available for his and other future grandchildren to enjoy.


In Remembrance of Past President - Larry Carter

Larry Carter

Past President of the Board (2002-2010)

Larry was a retired Chief of Police serving for 32 years in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. He dove since the late 1950’s and had the pleasure and honor of diving with some of the sports legends such as the late great Al Schneppershoff and Yas Ikeda as well as Bob Stanbery, Charlie Sturgill, Gary Thompson, and Terry Maas.

Larry held two IUSA World Records the most recent being a 122 pound Sailfish. He was a contributing writer to Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine often writing about Spearo adventures in Baja Mexico. He served two terms as the President of the Los Angeles Fathomiers a spearfishing club having approximately one-hundred members.

Larry devoted his life to the support and service of his metropolitan community and when serving as IUSA President, he brought that same level of service to the Spearfishing Community.  He was a respected leaders, and he will be missed by many.  His contributions to IUSA will live on forever.

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