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World Record  
8.8 kg. ,   19.4 lbs.
Lingcod    Ophiodon elongatus
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: matt mattison
Date: 11/19/2017

Diver Report, On 11-19-17 my 41st birthday, I was out diving off my 18 ft. zodiac rigid boat with Jason O’Donnel and Colin Moir, On the Sonoma county ca coast near Ocean Cove. We were blessed with epic calm seas and UN heard of 30ft + visibility on the Ca NorCal coast. We had been diving most of the day and this was our last spot of many dived. I was diving in about 35ft of water with my Christ 6ft Pole spear with one band and attached marker float line. I had made a drop down and was going from hole to hole checking them with my Dark Watters LED flash light as I was pushing myself out of the last hole of my dive I look over to my right and lying 3 ft. away is a monster of a ling cod just sitting there watching me. I slowly push myself back and ever so slowly turn the pole spear and creeped as close as I could and let the spear fly, Then all heck broke lose as I tried to get the pole spear and fish under control. I eventually got a hand on either side of the lings head and each side of the pole spear and finally gained control and started my assent. Once on the surface I let out a nice yahoo in celebration of a nice catch. At this point I was happy to call it a day and got back in the boat as did Jason and Colin and headed back in to port. Once back home and weighing the fish and speaking with a friend we decided to submit it as he told us it could be a potential pole spear record. In all it was a great birthday diving and awesome birthday gift from the sea. Matt Mattison.
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