International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
2.8 kg. ,   6.2 lbs.
Sucker, Utah    Catostomus ardens
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Ryan Peterson
Date: 8/11/2017

My wife Shelby and I were shore diving at our local lake after work. We were hunting for walleye and having a good time shooting some carp. I made a drop off a rocky point to 15-20 feet, the bottom was rocky with a couple big boulders. Nearing the end of my dive as I started to push up off the bottom I turned to look all the way behind me towards the shore and saw a large, long bodied fish just pass out of visibility. Thinking it might have been a large walleye I slowly kicked towards it bringing the fish back into view, realizing it was a sucker, and the biggest one I had ever seen, I took the shot. I was stoked to get to shore and find out it was larger than the current world record.

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