International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
18.5 kg. ,   40.8 lbs.
Cobia    Rachycentron canadum
Record Category: Women Sling / Polespear

Diver: Cheyenne Lee
Date: 7/20/2017
Location: US

My first day spearfishing in Louisiana was by far my best day of the trip! We had jumped in on about 10 rigs so far, all of which the visibility was the worst i have ever seen, but this rig was different, the water was surprisingly cleaner on the surface! As we swam up to the rig I could see a few small mangroves circling the first leg and out of the corner of my eye i saw a cobia swim up! I dipped down and stuck him with my neritic polespear! I had my belt reel attached to my spear but I didn't want to give him any drag for him to wrap me in the rig! As I struggled to keep him away from the rig, I was kicking backwards with all my my might! I finally got him subdued and in the boat!!

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