International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
9.3 kg. ,   20.5 lbs.
Salmon, Chinook    Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Daniel J Byrne
Date: 6/28/2017

I drove from San Diego all the way up to Alaska. Intent on spearing salmon and making sushi! I had been diving the past four days in the icy snowmelt fed ocean solo off my sit on top kayak. The visibility never broke 10' which was more than I thought I'd get. The salmon were jumping out of the water periodically all around me. I thought for sure I'd score a bunch day one. Not the case. The salmon are far smarter and have better eyesight than I had anticipated. Also they are watching out for any seals which did not help me. Finally one morning I paddled out and started in. Being more aggressive and motivated, probably out of frustrations from seeing the other hook and line guys getting soo much fish. I had one quick opportunity on a shallow horizontal dive. With only a split second to see the fish I took a shot. And...... nothing. About a half hour later I did the same thing. Just after the shot went out I held my breath. It took a second, but then there was the pulls, and I knew I was on! I could not see him yet so I played the line very carefully, not wanting him to tear out. Finally I could see where I had shot him. The slip-tip had passed straight through a bit behind the pectoral fin and out the gill plate. It was more of a luck shot than skill, but it held. I brought the fish in and got my hands into it's gills and secured him. I knew he would beat the previous record by at least a few pounds. And I wanted to keep the meat in good condition. So I ripped most of the gills out and thoroughly bleed the fish. I paddled to shore to talk with some of the local shore casters and work to remove my slip-tip from the fish. After that I paddled back and went off to get it weighed. We weighed the fish on three different certified scales for the best accuracy. At 20.5lbs I was happy with a new record and sushi for the night to thank my local hosts.

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