International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
7.4 kg. ,   16.3 lbs.
Muskellunge, Tiger    Esox masquinongy X Esox lucius
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Shelby Lynn Peterson
Date: 6/22/2017

I had been shore diving all day with My husband Ryan and his brother Adam in Fish Lake, Utah. None of us were having great luck and had only managed to land small trout and perch the entire day. Adam had already started headed in when I told Ryan I was done for the day and wanted to head in as well. I was swimming towards shore and searched one more time in the last weed line, before I finally gave up and started the rest of the way in. About ten feet from the weed line, twenty five yards from shore, and in about five feet of water I see a Tiger Muskie headed straight towards me. In Utah they have to be at least 40 inches in length to legally shoot, I had marked on my gun where 40 inches was in case I had come across one. Not wanting to shoot a fish illegally I slowly shifted myself and my gun so I could compare lengths. The second I realized he was big enough I took aim because he had started to grow weary of me. I hit a few inches behind his head, the spear shaft hit his spine paralyzing him from that point back. He flipped and sunk belly up down to the bottom. I dove down and stuck my gloved hand in his gills. I then lifted him up as best as I could out of the water yelling "Muskie!" as loud as I could at the boys. Ryan swam to me to take a look and the we swam together to shore so we could get some pictures before we ran out of daylight. A poor diving day turned into one of the best in my life in just a matter of minutes.

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