International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
5.4 kg. ,   12.0 lbs.
Knifejaw, Spotted    Oplegnathus punctatus
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Gary Godoy
Date: 5/30/2017

With the weather being on our side Glen and I decided to take advantage of our opportunity. I contacted a friend whom was able to take us to a spot that very few know of and have access to. So I packed up my dakine fish bag backpack because we had a bit of a hike down a valley and had to scale a 50' cliff to get to the water. After a few hours have gone by and not finding our target fish uku (job fish) or ulua (giant Travally) we decided to head into shallower waters and start having some fun. First off spotting a nice size He'e (octopus) sunbathing on a boulder. Shortly after I was able to land a nice munu (double barbed goat fish) then a moanakali (blue goat fish). With just enough for dinner we headed to shore. As I swam over this ledge Out of the corner of my eye I noticed another nice munu. So I breathd up and took a drop. Just as I level out on the bottom it swam out of range, so I dusted a little and waited but it stayed just out of range. I started check my surroundings and notice a white beak/mouth in the darkness of a couple boulders to my left. I slowly advance, realizing that it was a KJ (knifejaw) and a big one at that I lined up my shot. As soon as I got within range it slowly swam deeper into the darkness. At that moment I was able to let my shot off just before it was able to sneak away and bang stoned it. Once fingers slipped into its gills as I swam to the surface I looked at my partner and could see his excitement in his eyes just as she seen the biggest smile across my face. I break the surface and let out the loudest CheeHooo ever. (Pau)

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