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World Record  
7.8 kg. ,   17.2 lbs.
Snapper, Mutton    Lutjanus analis
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Brian Kirkpatrick
Date: 7/9/2016
Location: BAHAMAS

Brian T. Kirkpatrick 729 Kittyhawk Way, North Palm Beach, FL 33408 561.644.4517 / 17.25 lb Mutton Snapper / Lutjanus Analis Shot with a Hawaiian Sling / single band wooden handle / single shaft Shot while aboard 55’ Merritt “Wrapped Up” – Palm Beach, Florida Captained by Captain Andrew Ford – West Palm Beach Fish was shot off of Strangers Cay in the North Abaco’s of the Bahamas Scale: Shimano – spring type scale – Certified Scale ID #183387 On the morning of Saturday, July 9th 2016, I shot a >18 pound Mutton Snapper, Lutjanus Analis. I was fishing aboard a 55ft Merritt called the Wrapped Up captained by Captain Andrew Ford and fist mate James LaGrone. Also on board was Christopher Lazzara (IGFA/IUSA Record Holder), James “Ryan” Schwarz and Jordan Griffith. The weather was near 90 degrees and seas were calm. Seas on the reef were dead flat. We had anchored up the night before inside the main reef in sand and adjacent to a number of patch reefs in 10-15 feet of water. After breakfast, I jumped in the water to look for snapper and hogfish. After 15-20 minutes of swimming around the reef, I spotted a mutton snapper in the distance. To bring the snapper closer to me, I swam to the bottom (12-15ft) and threw up sand to entice the snapper to check me out. The mutton snapper got close but I ran out of air and had to ascend to the surface. Luckily, the snapper was still nearby. I swam back to the bottom and laid motionless on the ocean floor, which brought the snapper close enough for a shot. I shot the mutton snapper in the head, which immediately stoned him. I shot the fish with a Hawaiian sling with a wood handle and a metal shaft (see pictures). I grabbed the fish with my hands to ensure a nearby barracuda did not take the fish. In the water 50 yards away was Chris Lazzara, who watched my back as I swam the fish back to the boat. No one touched the fish after I shot it nor during the swim back to the boat. After throwing the fish on ice, I decided to weigh the fish with the Shimano certified scale (info and pictures attached). At this point the fish weighed greater than 18 pounds, which I was excited about but didn’t realize I surpassed the current world record of 16.8 pounds. An hour later, I decided to check the internet for the current world record. After learning the mutton snapper I shot exceeded the current world record, I reweighed the fish again, which after losing water weight, fluids, and fecal matter, the fish weighed ~17.25lbs (see actual reading of fish on Shimano certified scale). We also measured the fish from head to tail and fork and measure the circumference. The fish measured 29.5 inches from head to fork and 31.5 inches to the end of the longest tail fin (see pictures attached). The circumference was approximately 24 inches (see pictures attached). As we were staying on the boat for 4 days with no marina nearby, I froze the fish to ensure it stayed in its best shape possible. SEE ATTACHED RE

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