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World Record  
14.1 kg. ,   31.0 lbs.
Buffalo, Bigmouth    Ictiobus cyprinellus
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Brandon Hendrickson
Date: 7/9/2016

Dustin Yarborough and I had plans to dive Bull Shoals lake in Arkansas for the weekend of July 9-10 in hopes of getting walleye and crappie. First thing Saturday morning we went to our first spot where we figured to find crappie. I jumped in the water with a lightweight 5 prong and proceeded to make a dive on some submerged brush. When I leveled off I immediately saw a very large fish having the opportunity for a shot but being under equipped with the light weight 5 prong I passed on the opportunity, knowing I would have no realistic chance of landing the fish. From there we went on with our day landing a limit of walleye and several nice crappie. Around 5 pm after we had our limit of walleye Dustin asked if I was ready to call it a day. Remembering that fish from that morning I suggested a return visit to that spot to hopefully have another opportunity to get this fish. We agreed to make a quick stop. This time I knew what I may potentially be going into so I grabbed my more adequate spear for the job, a 8' neritic polespear with a slip tip, float line and a float. On the second dive at this spot I saw the fish in the distance resembling the same one if seen that morning. I made a couple strong kicks in the direction of the fish to close the gap and let the polespear fly. Hitting the fish just under the pec fin. The fight was on! I held tight to the band of the spear and swam hard for the surface and preventing the fish from getting entangled in the submerged brush. From there I was able to get ahold of the fish and secure the catch. We were so stoked!!

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