International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
9.3 kg. ,   20.5 lbs.
Grouper, Yellowfin    Mycteroperca venenosa
Record Category: Women Sling / Polespear

Diver: Samantha Mase
Date: 5/27/2016
Location: BAHAMAS

It was the 27th of May and I was deep into a Ryan Myers Expedition. I had been exploring the Bahamas for two and a half weeks with Ryan and friends, pestering him to let me kill a fish. The day before I left, they decided I was ready. At about 4 in the afternoon, he called his expert guide, Luke Maillis, to come and put us on the fish. He had little faith in me, so we only went about a half mile from the marina. 'Twas an area that Ryan and Luke never fished because of the massive amount of marina sharks. However, he thought it was the prime location for me to shoot my first fish. I jumped in the water and began to hopelessly poke at multiple fishies. Eventually, I got lucky and managed to secure my first fish: a very small, barely legal rock hind grouper. I then continued down the bank where Ryan and his expert eye pointed out a respectable hogfish. I put at least four holes in it. I came up frustrated as the sharks began to stir. I repeatedly yelled at Ryan despite his complete innocence. Unfairly, I blamed my equipment and not my piddly arms. The sun was quickly setting and the sharks were becoming more and more aggressive. The hogfish finally darted into a large cavern. Ryan went down attempting to relocate my long lost hogfish when he discovered a massive yellowfin grouper. Ryan demanded the spear, as yellowfin grouper is his favorite fish to hunt, and he had zero faith in my abilities. Being the stubborn female that I am, I refused to give it up. Ryan dictated how the hunt should go and where I should place my shot. The fish was having it's mouth cleaned by multiple cleaner gobies, his mouth was open facing outside of the hole. I then presented a flawless shot through it's open mouth and into it's heart. The fish thrashed and bled profusely, further throwing the now very aggressive school of reef sharks into a frenzy. I took my time breathing up and then went down and expertly extracted him from his cave as Ryan ran shark interference. I clutched my prize and swam it back to the boat. Now I share the record with the love of my life who I will marry and we will eat and serve yellowfin grouper at our wedding feast.

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