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World Record  
19.8 kg. ,   43.6 lbs.
Jack, Almaco    Seriola rivoliana
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Peter Correale
Date: 4/29/2016
Location: PANAMA

About a month Prior to taking this record submission, I had taken a Almaco Jack that would have broken the current world record, but at the time I did not have a certified scale, so I was pretty anxious at getting another shot on one of these fish. I knew that my best chance at the new record would be at a spot that we dive frequently where I typically see large schools of big Almaco's during that time of year. The day that I took this fish, it was very crowded with other boats on the spot, but the other conditions were perfect. There was pretty much no tide running, and the ocean was flat calm with good visibility down to the thermo cline at around 50 feet. I had already made a couple dives that day where I had taken some decent snappers with my Neritic Pole spear, and had seen some decent size Almaco Jacks. I made a dive into a large school of fish at around 80 to 85 feet and eyed a couple of Almaco's that looked like they might be in the WR size range. I then noticed a significantly larger specimen on my left flank. I swung around and followed the fish to deeper water trying to line up a shot. I was able to take a shot from above the fish, allowing the slip tip to toggle. Alamco Jacks are known for there pound for pound strength, so this fish was able to take down my Rob Allen hard float for a couple of seconds. I was able to fight and land the fish with my JBL 100 foot static line, and then swim the fish to the boat. Once in the boat I through the Jack on my scale to get a approximate weight, and then re-weighed the fish on Isla Montuosa later that day to confirm the official weight with my certified scale, 43.6 pounds......

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