International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
261.4 kg. ,   576.3 lbs.
Marlin, Blue Indo-Pacific    Makaira mazara
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Poema du Prel
Date: 12/27/2015

I'm sitting on the cooler, Gé is by my side. We are looking at the leurres, they have a nice run... Suddenly, in between the wakes, I see the fin, black and thick. “HAURA !!!!” I grab my fins, I need to be quick. “Haura ! He is there, Poema be quick, it's a big one, it's a big one, quick, it's your fish !” Fins on, mask on, I grab my speargun, I'm ready. Gé gives the call. I jump thru the wake. Out of the blue, she appears, I see her bill, her eyes, she is so fast, black, all my focus is on her, my speargun is now aiming at her center, I see my point, now, I shoot… The first float is propelled underwater. I swim as fast as I can to grab the line, I swim to reach out for the red float line. The first float is quickly disappearing, swallowed by the depth... Roland the captain is approaching «Throw me a float, a line and the second gun please » I call... I hand him the bluewater speargun Gé had lend me, snap the third line. then Roland goes away. I quickly load the back up two rubber gun and snap it to the last float. Gé is swimming along trying to film the scene, « Poema you have a big cut on your chin, you need some stitches» « We will figure it out later, it doesn't matter » I answer. The marlin is still fighting, towing the floats slower... I'm staring at the line leading to the deep uniform blue... The tension lessen, I start pulling the 75ft float line... After an hour working it, I see her... The line and fight has cut her all the way to the dorsal fin, I need to be quick and get her closer to secure her... I'm pulling... blurry lines are swimming around her at a distance, I see two fins, they are like birds... another marlin and a second one appears out of the blue, and a third one.... I dive, I stay focus on her, she is deeper than I thought, I shoot, aim at her head, the spear go thru her eye... I swim back to the surface.... I take my breath and start pulling again, I'm almost there... the three marlins are following the rise, swimming around her.... She is huge, I grab her as she comes up to the surface on her own, belly facing the surface... she is beautiful…. We tight her to the side of Matinui as we couldn't lift her inside... An hour and a half and we had her secured. Mauruuru e ia rahi te Aroha… Thank you, Poema

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