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World Record  
8.3 kg. ,   18.3 lbs.
Snapper, Pacific Red    Lutjanus peru
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Peter Correale
Date: 4/28/2016
Location: PANAMA

I had decided that I would try and get the Huachinango world record on a spot that we frequently dive in Panama. The current WR was taken on our boat at the same spot a couple of years prior. I knew that the chances of breaking that record were good, as i had seen many fish in the larger size on that spot earlier in the season. Charles Duffie was kind enough to have given me one of his Neritic pole spears to bring down this year and use during my season in Panama. I had the pole spear set up with three pieces, a slip tip, and a JBL 100 foot static line clipped off to the back of the pole spear, and a rob allen hard float on the bitter end of the float line. A few days prior to finally getting the fish that would beat the current world record, i had taken two fish in the 15 pound range that before i put them on the scale i thought for sure they would be world records. This helped me gauge for the fish i needed when i went back out a few days to dive the same spot. I chose a day to hunt for this fish when there was a very slow tide, allowing me to stay over the large school of snappers that were staying down at about 80 to 100 feet. I made a slow dive, sighted out what looked like to be the largest specimen in my field of vision, sunk down to about 95 feet and within range of the fish and let the Neritic pole spear fly. The fish sounded, tomb stoned the rob allen hard float, and i was able to easily bring the fish to the surface and get it to the boat. I got a quick idea of the weight with my scale while on the boat, put the fish on ice, and then got a official weight with my certified scale later that afternoon on Isla Montuosa, the snapper went 18.3 pounds.

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