International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
15.0 kg. ,   33.1 lbs.
Pompano, African    Alectis ciliaris
Record Category: Women Sling / Polespear

Diver: Hanna Hicks
Date: 2/15/2016
Location: BAHAMAS

"We went out on the boat on Sunday. Conditions were windy and choppy. There was 9 of us on the boat. We trolled for wahoo first, but nothing bit so we went to another spot to look for African Pompano. We jumped in and took some practice dives down to look for fish because it was really deep. There was a huge school that swam up to the flasher and circled us. There were a couple coming my way so I dove down and shot the closest one to me. I didn't think the pole spear went through. I came up and was so excited. Everyone was cheering for me. I started to pull it in and it dragged me down a couple times. When I finally got it up it I was so happy, and everyone was giving me high fives and congratulating me." -Hanna Hicks on her 1st African Pompano

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