International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
13.0 kg. ,   28.7 lbs.
Threadfish, Indian    Alectis indicus
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Guilherme Bettencourt
Date: 3/1/2015

It was my last day of vacations in Mozambique and I decided to go overboard to enjoy the little time I had left with Nuno Dias, Adelino Goveia and my brother Nicolau Bettencourt. Althought Nuno didn't like it a lot, he got first round of skipper, led the operations and decided that we would start to drift in a sunken barge. Nuno advised us how we should make the drifts. In the first drifts I choose not to shoot any fish because some giant groupers didn't let me alone and the fish were not very attractive. In the third drift, I chased off the most daring grouper otherwise it would make my fish it´s meal. A shoal of Indian Threadfish came by me and I choose the bigger one in my firing range and thanks to my Rob Allen Carbon GT 1.3, I managed to give him a dead shot. I went up to the surface and quickly pulled the fish to me, showing it to Nuno who informed me immediately that I had surpass one of his records. I would like to thank my companions, especially to Nuno for his knowledge, sharing, support, companionship and above all friendship! Kanimambo Mungano! ( "Thank you my friend!" in Changana language)

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