International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
17.3 kg. ,   38.1 lbs.
Permit    Trachinotus falcatus
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Jonathan Hernandez
Date: 12/21/2015
Location: BAHAMAS

It was day 3 of our Bahamas trip. After diving the reefs and ledges the first two days we decided to head for deeper water in search of some pelagic fish. On the first drift of the day I quickly spotted some permit. As I made my drop one of the permit stuck out from all the rest. Now that I had my target I approached really slow till i was in range. At 50' I let my headhunter polespear fly and stoned the fish. Once I hit the surface and pulled him up I realized it was a monster. I called Cameron over and slid the fish between the motors. His face lit up and said thats a giant. Followed by where is your scale I think thats the new record! Back at the dock we confirmed its weight at 38.1 lbs on a certified scale!

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