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World Record  
19.5 kg. ,   43.0 lbs.
Snapper, Mullet    Lutjanus aratus
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Stanislav Mihaylov
Date: 6/2/2015
Location: MEXICO

On June second I took a group of Brazilian clients out for spearfishing in the Sea of Cortez. We were in the water from 13:00 until 19:00 that day, looking for Wahoos and Snappers. The spot we were diving in was 124ft with clear water and lots of bait. At my last drop for the day I spotted a school of Mullet Snappers swimming around 50ft/15m depth. I began to chase them down, the school was spooked because one of my clients already shot one of those snappers earlier that day. I was dropping down waiting for my chance to close the gap and to have a chance for a good shot. The fish was still too far away for a shot, but I waited a little longer. Then suddenly the whole school turned towards me and I spotted a really nice fish that was close. I pulled the trigger and saw the fish going crazy with the spear half way through and swimming to the bottom. In the next moment I began my ascent. On the way up I saw my buoy going down that moment I knew that the fish would make it into the cave…..damn ! I got to the surface and I started breathing again, my heart was beating like crazy. My buoy was at a depth around 45-50ft/15m and was not moving up or down, I was sure the fish was stuck in the cave. Soon as I managed to relax enough, I did a drop to 70ft and started pulling the line on the side trying to release the fish from the cave and I felt some resistance on the other side of the line.To my surprise it came out very easily and I started to drag the fish up. On the surface I was pulling the float line slowly until I saw that the shot was not great and the belly of the fish was partially torn. I started calling the boat for help and I was deciding whether to put or not put a second shot on the fish. But at that moment the captain was picking up other divers and he was busy. I was pulling very slowly and brought the fish to the surface. The Snapper was still alive and it was fighting all the way until I grabbed him for the eyes and then held him in my hands. At that moment I saw that the fish was massive and I was very impressed by the size. The boat came close and the captain pulled the fish to the boat. Nobody knew that this fish was a world record at this time, but everyone was happy for me. We head back with some other fish as well: nice Wahoos, two Mullet snappers and few Cubera snappers. At the beach we measured the fish and I couldn’t believe that the scale showed 43lbs, at that moment I knew it was a record. I quickly ran to the restaurant to check actual record online for this species , it was 36.6lbs Wow!! I was super excited to go back and take all the pictures and measurements and to be able to submit the record. Everyone was very happy for me, and I received tons of congratulations

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