International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
17.3 kg. ,   38.2 lbs.
Pompano, African    Alectis ciliaris
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Cameron A. Kirkconnell
Date: 12/1/2015
Location: BAHAMAS

After drifting all day on a deep ledge Logan had shot a 35lb African Pompano and was having equalizations problems as the sun started to set. At the end of the drift, Logan pointed out a school of African Pompano and told me to go and shoot a huge one! My first dive with the pole spear I set up in front of the school and made a shot on a decent sized one with my Headhunter Pole Spear and a slip tip. The fish ran hard for the bottom and I put just enough pressure on him to keep him from wrapping up in the rocks. There was a massive Bullshark that came in quickly and the sun was down by now so I put a lot of pressure on him and horsed him to the surface only then realizing he was close to record size. Back at the dock we weighed him on our scale and he was close to 39 lbs! The next day we were able to go to Bimini which had a Certified Scale and after a full day he weighed in at 38.2lbs. Guiding spearfishing trips I rarely get the chance to shoot when we are in these fantastic spots so it was really awesome to have Logan turn around and guide me to a fish. Thanks buddy! I can't wait to go back to our secret spot and see him shoot one of the 45-50lbs ones we saw there.

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