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World Record  
17.5 kg. ,   38.5 lbs.
Snapper, Mexican Barred    Hoplopagrus guentheri
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Matthew Deichsel
Date: 10/26/2015
Location: MEXICO

On the bright sunny day with a soft breeze, the ocean has a wild hurricane going-on from south that sends some rough but smooth waves rhythmically. We, the DFAC, agreed to hit some reef areas to start the day. I jumped into cozy and warm water that is 84 degrees. I was pretty familiar with the first area to dive. I roughly memorized the detailed map of this area. I decided to swim directly to my favorite obstacles of this area. Once I reached to that point, I spotted few nice decent sized pargos between sixty and seventy feet below me. During my breathing technique, I spotted large fish which is the biggest fish in that area and last several days because of too hot water temperature due to El Nino effects that sends all big fishes away. I swam toward the point where it disappeared and then dove to the top of that spot stealthy and quietly. I approached slowly to the edge of the debris to peek over. No luck but a decent size dogtooth pargo swim nearby playfully which eventually has become a wonderful dinner meal for a large family. After I speared that pargo, I ascended to the surface, I saw same large fish swam away to the different spot and disappeared. I determined to stalk after that fish. After multiple averagely two-minute dives, I skipped several nice decent size fishes until I spotted that large fish. On that last dive of the chase, I landed softly and gently before the holes I was planning to check out. I crawled toward and entered inside the first hole which is a deadend. I crawled back and crawled to next hole. It was pretty dark inside so I crawled half-body length inside to have a better view. I just lay on the bottom scouted from left to right and from top to bottom. I spotted the large fish’ beak as it is behind the corner. I stayed silently and motionless with my speargun readied as it aim at its beak. I waited and waited. Two minutes passed. Still waited. Finally, its head came out of the corner. BAM! The shaft penetrated right behind its eye. I crawled back as I pulled the gun and shooting line. I kicked backwardly continually until the fish came out then I ascended but I realized that the shaft did not go through because it bent the head of shaft before it went through. I was afraid to lose it so I descended quickly and chase after the fish around as it tried to shake the shaft off its head. After few attempts to grab its gills, I decided to grab and hold it in my arms tightly. I held it in my arms as I descended to the surface (hit three minute mark). One of the crews cheered at me with jaw-dropping facial expression. He told me that he saw I was struggling to grab my fish, he was considering about second shot to secure it for me until I grabbed and held it in my arm securely. He dropped that thought. I swam back to the boat with the fish in my arm. The captain was amazed and said, it is HUGE. I did not realize that that fish is a world record breaker. I assumed that all pargoes are same t

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