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World Record  
5.5 kg. ,   12.1 lbs.
Pollack    Pollachius pollachius
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Gilles Peres
Date: 10/17/2015
Location: NORWAY

With my friend Stephane Dudon, we just landed in Norway on the 28h of August 2015, that we decided to dive under a bridge in a fjord where we expected to find cods. 30 mn after, I tried to dive along a pylon of the bridge to find big cods. I was equipped with a 5mm Epsealon suit, Carbon fins, and an OMER T20 in carbon of 90 cm length. Stephane and me were also equipped with GOPRO camera to make movies. After 15 seconds of immersion at around 7 or 8 meter depth, a black fish appeared suddenly from behind the pylon. I just had a small slot to make a vertical shoot which hit the fish. This one dived immediately and took 10m dyneema line from the reel. Fortunately it was well hit and when I pull it to the surface, I could realise it was a big pollack This hunt is visible at : the corresponding fish is between 6mn and 6 mn 39 s

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