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World Record  
11.0 kg. ,   24.3 lbs.
Yellowtail, Northern    Seriola lalandi dorsalis
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Kevin Alan Glen
Date: 9/7/2015

I have been chasing this record for a few months now, while working on the latest blue water prototype pole spear for Mantis Spearfishing. The pole I build for this trip was a solid 9ft long piece of 7075 Aluminum with a ~1.5ft spear shaft mounted on one end. I attached a slip-tip by tying it to a hole at the front of the pole. The line was held in place by a small section of pole spear rubber slipped over it. We arrived at a spot off the backside of Anacapa island around 8:30 am. The weather was nice, and the water looked clear. We could see the kelp laying down and knew there was a decent current. I was the first one in the water with my custom pole spear, attached to the band was a 20ft bungee, followed by a 50' floatline, and finally a Rob Allen hard float. When I got in I could see a nice school of bait hanging just outside the kelp. I swam over until I was just outside the bait and started making drops. On the first drop I saw a lone yellowtail cruise by, but he kept his distance and never presented a shot. A few dives later, I was hanging around 30', positioned vertically in the water with the pole spear extended horizontally, when a school of 5 yellowtail showed up directly behind me. Knowing I would not be able to swing the large spear 180 degrees without spooking the fish, I decided to instead start swimming slowly away from them in the directin my pole was already facing. While doing this I began loading the pole spear as slowly as possible, and fighting every urge to look over my shoulder. Sure enough, at least one of the fish could not resist it's curiosity, and came swimming around me from the left. I lined up and took what I thought was a perfect shot. Unfortunately, it was actually a bit low and I missed the spine completely, instead sending the spear through the gut cavity. Thinking I had a solid holding shot, I pulled the fish in quickly, only realizing my mistake when the fish was about 10ft below me. At that point I was too close, and continued to bring it in fast. Luckily for me the slip-tip held, though it had worked it's way into the stomach, and was barely hanging on when I finally had my hands in the gills. I brained the fish and swam it straight back to the boat and put it into the ice chest. Later that day I shot a second yellowtail on the same pole spear that we all thought was the bigger fish until we got the scale. The second fish went 22.8lbs (also over the current record).

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