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World Record  
6.1 kg. ,   13.4 lbs.
Snook, Black    Centropomus nigrescens
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Date: 8/14/2015
Location: MEXICO

I went spearfishing alone around the Islands outside of La Paz, departing from the Marina Costa Baja, where our boat is moored, by dinghy. With no luck in the blue water, going back to the marina, I stopped by a very good spot for snook, where they usually congregate this time of the year. It was almost 6 p.m. and I was very tired from the long 15 miles dinghy ride, but I just had to check that spot before calling the day. I anchored the dinghy over the rocky spot and grabbed my Pole Spear, without buoy or floatline, free as I like it. On the second dive, I saw two snooks going out of the murky water and coming towards me, but when I loaded the pole spear, they spooked away. Did a couple more dives, in different positions around the rocks, when, finally, laying on the sandy bottom, I saw a shadow coming and turning in front of me. Loaded the pole spear, what spooked him a little bit, so I had to follow him in the murky water, not to loose sight. Soon enough the fish turned sideways to give me his last look and let the spear go. Hit the fish right after the head and the flopper went thru..Fight was on. Never had taken a 12 to 15 pounds fish with the pole spear without a float and had to hold on and surface dragging the fish all the way up. At surface, grabbed the gills and secured my catch. I was sure it would be a new world record for this challenging category and called my wife so She could check the IUSA Records page to be sure about it. When I got back to the marina and pre weighed the fish, it hit 6 kg and I was sure it was a new world record.

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