International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
6.3 kg. ,   13.8 lbs.
Tautog    Tautoga onitis
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Damien Loatman
Date: 7/19/2015

Went out on my jet ski with my dive partner early in the morning to hit a few buoys and a small wreck I had recently found. The first buoy yielded some triggerfish but after a few they got skittish and wouldn’t get close enough for a shot so we decided to head out to the next buoy that has a small wreck nearby. A angler was tied off to it so I started looking around for the wreck I had found the previous week. The first few dives I got a triggerfish and a black sea bass. After a few dives I went to the other side of it to see if I could peek underneath and see what was in there. When I got there all I saw was the telltale white chin of a tautog but this one was huge, I took a shot but it wasn’t a good angle and I missed, this was my first outing with my gatku. After a few more dives I decided to take another look and see if he was still around and to my surprise he was just sitting in a small pocket in the wreck which the only way out was past me. I lined up a shot much more carefully this time and hit him slightly behind the gill plate. He was so big for the wreck that I could not get him out and had to resurface and get my breath back up for another dive in which I was able to free and secure him to the ascent. I have this all on gopro as well if you would like to see that. Thanks!

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