International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
6.6 kg. ,   14.5 lbs.
Grouper, Red    Epinephelus morio
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Cheyenne Lee
Date: 7/11/2015

I was in the King of the Keys Tournament diving as a freediver in the womans division, it was the first day of the 2 day tournament and my family and I were diving in about 35 foot of water when i spotted a bunch of grunts, parrotfish and other reef fish! I had a feeling it was going to be good, i swam a little further and started to see more and more parrot fish as i looked at them longer i spotted a black grouper in the mix with the parrot fish but he was very smart and before i could even swim down he started to slowly swim away, i followed him for a little then when i thought i was close enough i dove down to shoot, he spooked a little again and i followed him on the bottom for a few seconds until he stopped on what looked like a rubbly and ferny part of the bottom right as i went to take the shot he disappeared! He had darted into a little hole, out of breath i started to swim up to the surface and as i did i saw that the hole led to a much larger hole and in the hole was a HUGE red grouper head the biggest one id ever seen! I continued swimming up to the surface for air and breathed up once i got there, i then swam back down but by this point he had wedged himself face first farther into the hole exposing his tail (i believe the black pushed him farther into the hole). I didn't want to shoot him in the tail so i slid my speargun tip as far as i could into the hole hoping to hit as close to his head as i could i took the shot and hit him under the part of the dorsal fin that was closest to his head, he began to thrash his body in the hole until i pulled him out! As soon as he was out i knew he had to be a world record for sure because he was bigger than any red grouper i had ever shot and ive come within a few ounces 2 times this year shooting one that was 13.6 lbs and also one that was 13 lbs even! Pli then stoned him with a dive knife and put him in the boat i was so proud and excited, but before pictures i had to get back in the water and shoot the black grouper i left in the hole!! After several attempts to find the best shot i found where his head was and shot him as well winning the entire womans division (competing against tank divers as well) as a freediver!

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