International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
10.1 kg. ,   22.3 lbs.
Silver Seabream    Pagrus auratus
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Nat Davey
Date: 2/18/2015

I had been diving a filming this spot for a few days in a row . The fish life was amazing, not just the amount but the size as well. So I hatched a plan to Pole Spear a big Snapper there first thing the next morning. It was a week day and all my mates where at work so I left home early in the morning and was on the water in the dark. I got the spot well before the sun came up. I suited up and swam the 150meters to the spot and started gathering some Sea Urchins and lobbed them the few meters so they landed over the ledge where the fish had been holding for the last few days. The Snapper where there but they where a bit more shy today. At about 10am the bigger ones started to feed, it was starting to look promising. Just then another spearo turned up at my secret spot. I had a chat with him and told him what i was up to so he hung around and watched. At around 11.30am a very large Whaler shark turned up and i thought that was going to be the last chance I was going to get, but after filming the shark for about 10mins I saw a pattern with the Snapper, they where following the Shark around. So i grabbed my Pole Spear and waited for the shark to pass a couple of times and then took my opportunity to spear a big Snapper. I turned my GoPro on then dived to the ledge and waited. The shark swam by about 5m in front of me, I dropped over the ledge and lined up the biggest Snapper that was there and when in range I let rip with the Pole spear, it was a great shot from above and it exited down through the gill area. The fight was intense, with no float line I couldn't let go of the Spear. The fish was so powerful that my Gopro got pulled off my head. The fight only lasted about 30sec. As soon as i had the fish secured I killed it and Bruce swam over and highfived me.I swam it back to the boat and put it on ice. Then went back to the Dive Shop to weigh in the Snapper.

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