International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
7.9 kg. ,   17.5 lbs.
Snapper, Dog    Lutjanus jocu
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Daniel Ash
Date: 3/18/2015
Location: BAHAMAS

Went left the Coast Guard base at 7am to head to the north side of the island. Seas were calm and the visibility was amazing. We ran for about an hour and half got to the first spot. Shot a couple of smaller grouper then relocated to the inside of the point. upon jumping in the water i noticed a large dog snapper hovering out side of coral hole. Before i could dive and take a shot my dive buddy Steve had seen him and was closer. I watched him dive down and the dog snapper spooked and went into his hole. We made a couple of quick dives trying to see him in his hole but were unable. So we swam father away giving the dog snapper time to relax. Coming back to the hole I swam down with my hawaiian sling and saw his nose sticking out of the hole, taking a quick shot! I nicked him and made him back up farther in the hole. I decided the way the hole was shaped that a hawaiian sling wasn't going to work. So switching to my head hunter polespear i swam down searching the area for another hole to get a shot on the dog snapper. I found one in the top of the coral was small but i was pretty sure i could pull him through the hole. So going back up i took a good breath up and swam back down. I was able to see the top of his head I lined up the shot and took it. The spear injector rod went right through the top of his head unable to pull him out of the hole i came up then went back down i was able to get him to start to come out the hole...then realized that he was too big to fit...i got his head wedged in the hole. Realizing it wasn't coming out that hole I put a knife in his brain and took my slip tip off the spear. Then managed to push him back through the hole this was over many dives. Then grabbing a spare Ray Odor spear from the boat i swam down and shot him again in the main opening of the cave where he was floating around pretty dead. Then landed him in the boat. My friend recorded the whole event on go pro for me.

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