International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
9.1 kg. ,   20.0 lbs.
Jack, Black    Caranx lugubris
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Ryan Myers
Date: 3/30/2015
Location: BAHAMAS

I had been in Long Island alone on the 86 foot yacht I'm working on for about a week desperatly searching for a boat driver and/or dive buddy. The night before I was jogging and met Anderson the goat herder who claimed he could drive a boat. We decided to meet at 8 am the next morning. I was pretty stoked when I got back to the marina and started gearing up for the morning. I bumped into some other locals who informed me that the goat herder was actually clinically insane and had murdered his grandmother. I was told he was the worst possible person to have my life in his hands. This put a slight damper on my mood but I was still determined to dive the next day. I couldnt just abandon my murderous goat herder so I decided to wait till 8 am and not a minute longer. Shockingly he was not on time so I headed offshore for a solo mission. Conditions were perfect as I charged offshore with no one to judge me for blasting Taylor Swift. I was diving approximately 6 miles off Long Island in the 17 foot inflatable doing drifts over a 120 foot ledge. I had countless wahoo approach the flasher but was struggling to close the distance to get a shot. There was a pretty decent wind drift so every time I did a drop I would have to chase down the dingy. After missing multiple wahoo this black jack came into the flasher and I just couldn't resist. Landing him was interesting as I had to fend off numerous sharks including a massive tiger and chase down the dingy at the same time. He was originally intended as chum but I decided to take him home and weigh him instead.

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