International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
9.0 kg. ,   19.8 lbs.
Corvina, Yellowtail    Cynoscion stolzmanni
Record Category: Men Speargun

Date: 3/14/2015
Location: PANAMA

Captain Daniel stopped the boat, on our way off shore, 30 minutes after We left that morning, in the Gulf of Chiriqui. The sounder looked promising and I decided to check the shallow reef. I could see the shallowest part of the reef, so I positioned my self on the edge of the rock and calmed myself down gently swimming against the weak current. My first dive was to the south of the rock and I landed between two big rocks and saw two big pacific cubera snappers passing by too fast. With that scene in mind and the promise of a nice pargo, I decided to explore the west side of the reef. In the middle of the first dive, I saw what I thought to be one of those snappers and let my body fall in his direction. As I got close, the fish turned to be a nice yellow tail corvina and I pointed the gun towards her, being able to place the shaft just behind the gill plate, from a high position. The fish took of talking some line from the reel and I played with it until it let me grab it and subdue it with my knife. The fish was on ice for three days, as We didn't have a certified scale where We were. We brought the fish to Panama City and We were surprised when the scale hit 9 kg.

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