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World Record  
10.1 kg. ,   22.3 lbs.
Corvina, Yellowtail    Cynoscion stolzmanni
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Arnaud Dufossez
Date: 3/22/2015
Location: PANAMA

We left the Ramp from Diablo with my two dive buddies at around 0700, using Stefano’s boat this time and we headed to the islands of Otoque, south from Panama. Going to Las Perlas was not an option that day, because of the poor visibility there and the recurrent northerly wind of the “Verano”. The islands of Otoque are composed of three islands and several rocks. We dove upon on arrival along the island named Isla Bona. I was ready first, and I quickly found a school of yellowtail corvinas on a sandy bottom at -15 meters, in a very cold and murky water. I was able to put a solid shot in the closest fish. I had no idea of its size until I secured and dispatched it. Because of the shot placement, there was barely any fight and the fish took no line from the reel. I hopped in the boat that was following us while we drifted along the island, gave the fish to the captain. I got later on a decent yellow pargo, nothing spectacular. I had no clue of the fish weight until we got back to Panama ciudad and decided to measure it with Eduardo. Eduardo had just filled in a record form to IUSA for a 9kg yellowtail corvina, and we both sincerely believed that this one would at best be similar. We quickly saw, weighting it on the parking, that it was exceeding 10kg. We decided to redo all the measurements properly, in a view to file a record request. I would have preferred to beat another record than my friend’s recent one! I certainly hope he will soon take back what was his.

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