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World Record  
21.3 kg. ,   47.0 lbs.
Bass, Striped    Morone saxatilis
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Chris Miller
Date: 7/1/2014

July 1, 2014. It was warm and a bit breezy, SW 15kts. My friend Lance was visiting and my other friend Eric agreed to drive the boat for us as he usually does. I had just purchased my first pole spear. I had decided this Spring that I wanted to become comfortable with using a pole spear and would use it as my primary weapon for hunting large Striped Bass. We left Montauk Harbor at about 1 pm and headed towards Montauk Point. The first spot we dove was about a mile from the Point. The Ebb current had just started trickling and the water was very clear, about 15 ft. No bass were around and I quickly decided to move to a spot about 2 miles further where the current started earlier and would be stronger. We got to the spot and the current was moving better. The vis was about 6-8'. Perfect to get the bass to come in for a close shot.The depth here on the top of the piece is shallow, about 35'. At first I only saw a few schools of Scup, but then a few bass in the low thirties showed up. Another drift and a few more dives and I located a big school of large Bass. On this particular dive, after about a minute I saw several fish in the school that were up to and over the 40lb mark but I held off, hoping something bigger would show up. A little further into the dive a few bigger fish swam into the mix and I decided to take one. Patiently I waited for the right fish to present me with a good shot right behind the head and I let the spear fly. The shot was through and through and she exploded off to the right around a large boulder before I could pull the spear back out. I quickly swam forward and up to remove pressure on the polespear which was bending around the boulder. Clear of the boulder, I turned toward the surface but the bass was strong and held me down. When I had ascended enough to be sure the bass was clear of bottom structure I decided to take advantage of my belt reel and let go of the power band. Carefully regulating the deployment of a little line, I easily made it to the surface to breath up. I called out to Eric and as he brought the boat to me I pulled the bass to the surface and lifted her onto the deck of my boat through the stern door. We measured the fish on deck and found that it was over 48" and was fat so I knew it would weigh at least 45 lbs. Later, back at Westlake Marina, the scale which had just been re-certified earlier in the day read 47.0 lbs. A great day!

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