International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
8.7 kg. ,   19.2 lbs.
Snapper, Northern Red    Lutjanus campechanus
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Alli Penovich
Date: 7/12/2014

Setting out from the port at day break makes for a long day out on the water but with the advantage of getting to spots before other boats. With the seas being flat calm, virtually no current, and top to bottom vis, everything for a record snapper hunt was in place. After a quick warm up dive to get a feel of the area, I breathed up and laid on the bottom at 65 feet and let the school of snapper slowly come closer and closer. At the end of my breath hold I caught a glimpse of the biggest one in the school. It swam straight towards me then turned, giving me a perfect shot. While swimming to the surface with the fish in my arms, I realized the snapper was bigger than I originally thought. I put the fish in the cooler and with a potential record in the boat, we continued on with our hunt.

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