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World Record  
14.5 kg. ,   31.9 lbs.
Barracuda, Great    Sphyraena barracuda
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Charles Duffie
Date: 7/5/2014

I saw the Barracuda stationary approximately 15 ft below the surface under the rig. I went back to the boat to get the 10ft Keller Aquatic Big Game Pole Spear with Slip Tip and the Riffe 3 Atm Floa with 100ft of Riffe Armour Spectra float line. Luke Miller was recording the event using a GoPro while Paul Miller was being my safety diver. I swam down and shot the Barracuda right behind the Gill plate near the pectoral fin. The fish originally swam away from the rig, shortly followed by swimming into the rig. I pulled against the float line so the fish would not get tangled in the rig legs. Shortly after i pulled the line up and grabbed the pole spear. At this moment I hugged the fish in the middle region of the body with my left arm and grabbed its gills with my right hand. I then struggled to use my dive knife to penetrate the skull and end the fight. I swam back to the boat with the fish followed by both Luke and Paul. Captain Mark Miller was on board videoing as I landed the fish and proceeded to take an unofficial weight using the Bubba-Grip spring scale on board.

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