International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
15.2 kg. ,   33.5 lbs.
Silver Seabream    Pagrus auratus
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Nat Davey
Date: 1/30/2014

On the morning of the 30th of January myself and a couple of friends went out to get some fish for a party we where having the next day. With the way the weather was we decided to go to the Cavalli islands in the Bay of Islands. After being in the water for about an hour the spearing was a bit slow so I decided to set up a small shellfish burley in a spot ive shot good Snapper in the past. I checked the burley twice and both times it was dead. I had a chat with Ike and we decided I should cheek the burly once more and if nothing was there we should move to another spot. I went over to the ledge where the burly was set up, took a good breath, dived down about 5feet and peered over the ledge to have a look at the burly. Thats when it all went a bit like slow motion. As I pushed through the weed to get a look I was shocked at the very large Snapper just below me. I took aim with my 110 carbon roller gun just behind the head and took the shot. The Snapper dident even wriggle, I stoned him. When getting to the surface and getting my hands on my fish I was surprised by the condition of it. I iky'd him just incase it came back to life and called Ike over, it was high fives all round. I swam the fish back to the boat where Claire passed my GoPro to Ike so he could bet some picks for me. When we got back in we weighed the Snapper on some certified scales and then we relised how big the fish actually was. We made some phone calls to get the fish weighed by a weighmaster , but we couldent get it done till the next morning. We packed the snapper in salt ice in the chilly bin and weighed it in the next morning up in Mangonui. The word had got out and there where a lot of people on the wharf to watch the fish get weighed in when we got there. The Snapper weighed in at 15.2kg. After that was done some people got their photo taken with the fish to show off to their friends. The Snapper was then filleted and it feed 30 people at the party that night

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