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World Record  
8.3 kg. ,   18.2 lbs.
Yellowtail, Northern    Seriola lalandi dorsalis
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Forrest Galante
Date: 5/22/2014
Location: MEXICO

After a solid day of reef hunting with the Sturgill “Zombie” big game pole spear at the remote Isla San Pedro Martir, I was taking another drop to the 25ft reef below. The rocky reef had been scattered with the usual suspects of leopard grouper, pargo, parrotfish and all the pretty little reef species. While at depth I was thrilled and amazed to see a good sized yellow tail come leisurely swimming into view. Both excited and confused by this unusual species over the shallow reef I kept my cool and slowly lifted the pole spear in the YT’s direction. Using the old trick of flashing my free hand in a squid like motion I caught the curious YT’s attention and had him turn in right towards me. He eagerly approached and once about 7ft away from me presented a perfect broadside shot. I lifted the pole spear off the rocky I was perched on and let it fly! A solid, but slightly low hit the curious jack went wild and began darting all over the reef while I made my journey to the surface. Slowed by the fighting fish I broke the surface and quickly was able to bring the fish into arms reach. However, the YT was not done yet, I got a hand on the tail and as I went for the gills he managed to wriggle out of my hand. Before the fish had a chance to dart off again and begin the tussle over, I lunged at him and engaged him in a full body bear hug. Securing the gills, I unsheathed my knife and quickly ended the fight. Only then did I realize the feat of pole spearing a large yellow tail over a scenic reef in 25ft of water!

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