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World Record  
12.3 kg. ,   27.0 lbs.
Snapper, Mutton    Lutjanus analis
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Guilherme Teixeira Azevedo
Date: 1/19/2014
Location: BRAZIL

From Dec-Mar, the São Paulo coastwater temperature rises to approx. 29 degrees Celcius, and the quantity of baitfish increases dramatically. It is the perfect time and location to spot big Muttons and Cuberas. There is a big pinnacle that reaches 10 meters of depth, were I stared the dive. On my second dive I`ve headed toward a plain rock that is approx. 20 meters deep. After 5 meters I`ve spotted 3 muttons close to the bottom. I descended very smoothly, diagonal to the fish. The 3 of them started swimming away from me, but one kept curious and slow. I was with the gun pointed to the fish from a 75 degree angle. I was able to get to a good shooting distance, and the spear hit close to the dorsal fin. I couldn`t see if it had penetrated properly. At that moment Christopher was diving at no more than 20 meters from me, heard the shot and saw the fish fighting with the spear. However he didn`t approach and continued his dive. I neither asked for his help. The fish did sprint for some 10-15 seconds, and took some 30 meters of line from my reel. When I surfaced, I`ve asked for the skipper to approach me with the boat. After the fish stopped the sprint, I started pulling the line with care, putting not much pressure. I couldn`t say if the fish was secure properly, so I`ve asked the Skipper to hand me a 1.1m Rob Allen unloaded. I quickly loaded it and dived for a second shot at approx. 12 meters. It hit the opercle. The fish was secure. I pulled the line and killed it with my knife. I only realized how big was it when I saw it lying on the floor of the boat. Then I knew it could be a record.

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