International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
10.3 kg. ,   22.6 lbs.
Jack, Crevalle, Pacific    Caranx caninus
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Grant Begley
Date: 3/6/2014
Location: MEXICO

On Friday, I meet everyone at Mictlan Surf School in Punta Mita. We checked all of our gear and loaded up the boat for a half day trip. Motored out to El Morro and anchored up. Then, Jessica, Cesar and I entered the water. It was a perfect day, decent visibility, low current and good sun. There was a good deal of life on the rocks with schools of pompano and Horse Eye Jacks around. After about an hours of productive hunting, I noticed a school of Jack Crevalle on the out edge of the rocks, Cesar was able to get a nice one with his speargun once the fish came in closer. I noticed one of the fish in the back was much larger than the rest. After a good dive on the bottom, the largest of the fish swam in closer to check me out. It is then I was able to land a shot with my pole spear. I was not using a float line on this day, because I wasn't expecting to shoot anything to large. After a hefty tug of war, I was able to get the fish to the surface and into my hands. We brought it to the boat, then headed in. Once at the marina, we weighed the fish and took our measurements. The fish was shared with friends in Punta Mita and eaten that night.

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