International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
10.7 kg. ,   23.6 lbs.
Barracuda, Great    Sphyraena barracuda
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Dylan Ward
Date: 2/8/2014
Location: BERMUDA

I went out with Neil Burnie David PacPhee and James Adams to Argus Tower in search of Wahoo. While diving I saw a large fish at around 35 feet. I descended on the fish cocking my spear as I sank. When I got close I discovered that it was a Barracuda. It gave me a toothy Display and I shot it in its center of mass. My break away did not disengage so I fought the fish to the surface. I killed the fish with my dive knife and handed the fish off ot David on the boat. The fish was later weighed and certified at Fisheries.

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