International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
7.7 kg. ,   17.0 lbs.
Grouper, Red    Epinephelus morio
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Jared Mickelson
Date: 12/7/2013

We were hunting patch reefs west of Key West and were looking for red grouper. I was dropped off up current from a spot that is know for having large red grouper, Niko Gazzale was driving the boat at the time and I called to him to tell me where the spot was. He pointed and when I looked down I saw the biggest red grouper I had ever seen swimming along with some tropical fish following him. At this point I knew it would take all my skill to subdue this challenging and elusive fish. So I loaded my trusty impaler speargun and began to breath up so I would have enough time under water to stalk this fish. I began my decent and and it started to swim away, this is when I knew this would not be easy. But then suddenly he turned around and just looked looked at me so I aimed at his head and stoned him. As soon as I got him in my hands I knew he might be a world record. I kept him on ice over night and weighted him the next day.

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