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World Record  
7.7 kg. ,   17.1 lbs.
Grunter, Smallspotted    Pomadasys commersonnii
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Emiliano Finocchi
Date: 9/13/2013

This is the windy season, and in the past two months, me and my fishing buddy Luis, we where unable to put the mighty African Pompano in the water. Luckily, the weather gave us one day of rest, and off we went. We decided to start with the usual places, Danae, B24, etc... But the visibility was terrible due to the constant wind, as the swell mixed the sea bottom. At 14h, we had catch 2 barracudas, one diamond grouper, one black bass, one GT and a reasonable size parrot fish. We decided than tyo check a recent new place, 3M. The viz was so terrible that I had decided to enter with my 100cm Rob Allen gun, fitted with one 18mm band and 7mm spear. Luis was struggling with some cramps, and rested on the surface. I went to the bottom, 11m approximately, and rested on the sand. On the distance I saw some sort of wreck, and I went slowly near by. Inside, I saw 5 to 6 GIANT grunters and I couldn't believe in what I was seeing. I started to scramble the sand in order to give me more camouflage, and I manages to get one more meter. I chose what I believed to be the largest and I shot. Terrible shot! I hit it just above the belly without stone it. I hate when this happens. THe fish lost a lot of blood and a chunk of meat. I believe this trophy could have been over the 8Kg mark with a better shot. 10 minutes later, the fish was on the boat and we where on our way back.
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