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World Record  
14.9 kg. ,   32.8 lbs.
Jack, Almaco    Seriola rivoliana
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Dylan Ward
Date: 10/6/2013
Location: BERMUDA

Neil Burnie, James West, his crew, and Myself went out to the south eastern corner of Challanger Banks roughly 16 miles off of the west coast of Bermuda in search of Yellow Fin Tunas. Local fishermen had been catching 80 pound fish earlier that week. While swimming in the chum line with Neil's spear I saw several Wahoos feeding. They were cruising through eating all of the big chunks. I dove on a cluster of chunks at around 40 feet in the hope that a Wahoo would swim through but half way down the Almaco came up out of the deep and started eating every chunk. I made it down to him just as he turned on the last chunk. My spear was cocked on my decent so I speared the fish broadside and let go of my gear. I let the floats tire out the fish. I was cautious of pulling the tip so I played the fish up slowly. When I got him to the surface I tried to grab his gills but couldn't find them. I hugged the fish back to the boat and gave the fish to James West. I took the fish to Fisheries the next day where Joanna Pitt confirmed that it was an Almaco Jack and weighed my fish.

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