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World Record  
11.5 kg. ,   25.4 lbs.
Runner, Rainbow    Elagatis bipinnulata
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Kell kielly
Date: 2/19/2013

While spearfishing at Shark Reef which lies approximately 165 nauticle miles from Port Douglas, Northern Queensland, Australia, we had encountered many rainbow runner on the eastern side of the reef, of which some were shot for burley with the hope of attracting large Dog Tooth Tuna. The ocean was as flat as a millpond and the water temperature was a steamy 29 degrees celcius, and over 35 meters visibility. I was diving with my wife (well known as one of Australia’s ladies spearfishing champions Naomi Spicer), and our friend Tim Neilsen. It was during our afternoon dive when this pending world record swam into view possibly attracted by our berley trail, I first dived on the fish with the thought of using him for berley but as I got to within shooting range I could see he was no ordinary Rainbow Runner. I squeezed off the shot and hit the fish low due to the clarity of the water, he ran quite hard and bent my spear during the fight, which lasted about 4 minutes before I had the fish in my hands. I put a lot of pressure on my float rig to get this fish in quickly due to the large amount of aggressive sharks in the area. Once I had dispatched the fish Naomi and Tim both swam over to congratulate me on what they thought was an Australian Record fish. We did not realize at the time it could be appending World Record. Regards Kell Kielly

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