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World Record  
7.5 kg. ,   16.6 lbs.
Snapper, Gray (Mangrove)    Lutjanus griseus
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Tyler Princinsky
Date: 6/12/2013
Location: BERMUDA

The story goes, I went out with my good friend Peter Lewis on his commercial boat "Tightline". We headed out towards north rock to a little area he has then he claimed had some extra size large mangrove snappers and hogfish. I didn't know how big to expect until I jumped in on this cluster of coral heads in about 30 feet and looked down. On my first trip to the bottom I saw my victim on the way down and shot it, about a 12 pound mangrove. Of course as you would have it, with the snapper shaking wildly the big boy showed up to check out the commotion. I quickly killed the 12 pound fish with my dive knife and reloaded my pole spear. It took a little stalk around a coral head but I got the fish. The fish went around one direction and I proceeded to go around in the other direction. We met in the middle and the fish didn't know what hit it. Collected this one and headed up to the surface. As soon as I stuck my head out of the water I told Peter, okay we're done here let's go home. He saw the size of the big one and was pretty impressed, says "that might be a record", so we checked the weight and the current record and sure enough we got it. Pack it up boys, great trip in the water and we have dinner. Very fun filled 2 minute free dive.

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