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World Record  
8.2 kg. ,   18.1 lbs.
Snook, Black    Centropomus nigrescens
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Lilian Harumi Horayama
Date: 8/2/2013
Location: MEXICO

PACIFIC BLACK SNOOK WOMEN'S SPEARFISHING WORLD RECORD REPORT My husband, Eduardo and I are brazilians. We live and travel on the vessel Brasil Cristalino. We left Panama some years ago and cruised all the way to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, where We are. On august, the 2nd, 2013, We left Marina Costa Baja, by dinghy and headed to the Cerralvo Channel, to try some Blue Water Spearfishing. As We got there, I didn't fell like diving, so tired I was from the two hours ride and a lot of bumps on the dinghy's bowl. I just relaxed and enjoyed watching my partner diving. 
As no fish was spotted, in despite of the chumming and flashers that We used, the only decision possible was to get back to the marina and stand another bumpy ride by dinghy. On our way back to the marina, We realized that the water had better visibility, comparing to previous days, so We decided to check a snook point where my husband had shot a 18kg snook, a week ago. Since He had already captured his trophy on that same spot, I asked him not to take his speargun and make some footage of me, while I tried to find a fish. On the first dive, I noticed the poor visibility that I would have to face and was inly able to see some jacks. As I went for the second dive, on my way to the bottom (30ft), I saw three good size snooks passing under and to my left side. Without hesitating, I instinctively followed the closest one and took the shot. As I went back to the surface, I secured the reel, so the fish could not cave at the rocky bottom. As I surfaced, calmed down and started to pull the line, I felt that the fish had wrapped the line to a rock or something, but hopefully as I put some more tension on the line, it started to move again and I could lift it all the way to the surface, trying to see if the shaft would appear in the other side of the fish. After grabbing the gills, I embraced the body of the fish with my legs and promptly realized that it would be a new Women's World Record. I was able to land the fish into our dinghy and We could celebrate our catch. We rushed to the marina and started to seek for a certified scale, that We found in the City of La Paz. The fish weighed solid 8.185 kg or 18 pounds. Lilian Harumi Horayama

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