International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
16.0 kg. ,   35.3 lbs.
Grouper, Sawtail    Mycteroperca prionura
Record Category: Men Speargun

Date: 6/27/2023
Location: MEXICO

Me and my friends went to cerralvo island, we had a good report of almacos and yellowtails. This happened in the first spot of the day, (a deep spot) the rock has 110 feet and it drops to 130 feet, in the first dive i saw a very good size cuberas but i didnt take the shot because it wouldnt be a good shot, so we make another drift in the same spot , when i was almost above the rock i saw a fish, at the beginning i thought it was a very good size cubera , i get closer and saw the tail and i was sure it was a broomtail grouper , i aimed the fish and toke the shot, In the moment i speared the fish the color changed and i saw the big dots on the fish then i realized it was a huge Sawtail grouper, i was very carefull and toke my time to pulled the fish to the surface, i finally grabed it and the fight was over. we get back into the boat and i told my friends the record was 13-14 kgs , and we knew this fish was around that weight. came back to the shore, weight the fish and the scale hits the 16 kgs. Awesome day! This is a fish of a lifetime!

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