International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
8.0 kg. ,   17.6 lbs.
Jack, Fortune    Seriola peruana
Record Category: Men Speargun

Date: 4/19/2023
Location: MEXICO

Me and my friends decided to go Spearfishing to “el bajo” a spot near to espiritu santo island , the almaco jacks season is just starting and we wanted to try our luck hoping to see some! we came to the spot early , so no boats in the area , there was a lot of current , we start diving in a spot of 75ft and it drops to 110ft , first drift i drop above the main rock , didnt see anything, in the second drift my friend Pepe made the dive first than me, he saw and shot an almaco Jack , so he came to the surface and told me that he saw a couple of almacos in there, i made the dive, when i was in 60ft i start to see the red snappers and then i saw a couple of 4-5 kgs Fortune jacks , i decide not to shot them , i already knew the world record was between 6 and 7 kgs , the almacos didnt came in, and when i was in 95 ft and with almost no more air i saw this big Fortune Jack and in that moment i definitely knew that fish was very near to the world record , i made the hunt and toke the shot, i hit it just above the gills, it was a very good shot, i start coming back to the surface grabbing the line but at half way i had to leave it to make it to the surface! i Took a couple of big breaths and start recovering the floatline , fortunately the fish didnt get tangle with the bottom. Finally, i grab the fish and i knew it weights at least 7 kgs , i took the fish to the boat and ask to my friends Víctor and pepe how much they think that fish weights, they told me around 7 to 8 kgs , i was thinking about that the rest of the fishing day , we come back to land and i went with a friend who has a cerficated Scale and weight it , and YES , I MADE IT! It weights 7.994 kgs , the previous record was 7 kgs ! Almost 1 kg

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