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World Record  
33.2 kg. ,   73.2 lbs.
Yellowtail, S Atlantic/African    Seriola lalandi lalandi
Record Category: Men Speargun

Date: 8/1/2023
Location: BRAZIL

A day I will never forget. The forecast indicated calm seas and no wind in one of the windiest regions in southeastern Brazil. It's a large area that offers all types of diving. My friend, dive partner, and Captain Pedro Henrique had informed me that large schools of Wahoo had been spotted on this island, and armed with this information, I was prepared for all kinds of fish. We dived at some spots before heading to this rock in the B├║zios region, which rises from -40m to -24m. During this time of year, large schools of YellowTails usually gather near the coast, and this day had all the details ticked off: good visibility, slightly cold water, and a school of small fish around the shallower part. On one of the descents to the shallower part of the rock, I saw a cluster of blue runners (small fish) really close together, behaving unusually. I descended calmly, and from the depths, these monsters appeared, literally a pod of YellowTails rising from the depths to see me. Immediately, I fixed my eyes on the largest one, I had never ever seen a yellowtail this big in my life. At that moment, my heart stopped, but due to its calm behavior, I knew I would have a chance to take a shot. It passed by the first time, but I did not take the shot once his head was too far from me. Remaining calm, I waited for it to turn, and this time, I made a very good shot from above, right behind the head. I could tell immediately that it hit him hard because the fish didn't dart away. My custom MC135 speargun,with 3 rubbers, an 8mm Riffe shaft with Riffe split-tip, connected directly to the buoy, gave me the security to ascend without having to fight the fish. As soon as I reached the surface and grabbed the bungee, it started pulling, and I felt the fish come alive, darting down towards the depths. To my despair, my 6m bungee connected to a spectra line snapped, leaving only the dyneema core holding on. It took some time for the fish to tire, a time that felt like an eternity, but gradually, I managed to pull it up, and I began to see its size emerging from the depths. It's hard to estimate weight underwater, but having seen and caught other large fish, I already suspected it was close to a record. When it got closer, I saw that the split-tip had not go through the fish but had lodged in its spine, which had a significant impact on it. With the fish already very tired, I managed to embrace it, put my hand on the gills, and haul it onto the boat. I spent the rest of the day with that scene in my head, imagining the arrival at the marina to finally weigh the fish. How many times, since childhood, had I looked at the world and Brazilian record tables, imagining one day having the opportunity to catch one fish like this one? Well, believe in your dreams and know that the fish of a lifetime can always be in your next dive. Be prepared and keep your gear well maintained. We arrived at the marina, and when we placed it on the scale, joy overwhelmed us: 33.20kg, breaking my frie

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