International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
8.9 kg. ,   19.6 lbs.
Grouper, Yellowmouth    Mycteroperca interstitialis
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Nathan Lancaster
Date: 5/3/2023

Went out to some local oil/gas rigs in Alabama in search of some potential reef species as well as pelagics. Started getting some nice almacos on the boat as well as oceanic triggers. Did a dive to 80ft and noticed a fish that looked somewhat like a scamp but didn’t have the long tail. Got in closer and knew it was a yellowmouth which I have never seen before in person and made a good shot on it. It got hung up a bit but manage to dodge a shark and pulled it up to the surface. A very unusual fish as almost no freediver I spoke to has seen them. The first one weighed 19.61lbs. I went down again and seen another approximately the same size weaving in and out of the pipes. I got in close and put a stone shot on him. The second grouper weighed 19.19. Both retrieved with almost no issues. I have video footage of shooting the first one if required. All in all it was an awesome day with good friends.

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