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World Record  
9.6 kg. ,   21.2 lbs.
Snapper, Colorado    Lutjanus colorado
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Stephanie Galaz
Date: 5/21/2023
Location: MEXICO

May 20th me and my husband Ivan decided to go for a sunset shore dive at San Juan de la Costa because our friend Chucho gave us a fishing report about nice Cubera and Colorado snappers. We made a 400 yards swim and start looking all around the spot for the snappers. Summing up that day, we found them but they were deep into a complex structure, we were able to see them with a flashlight but no room for taking a shot. The sun went down, the flashlight battery died and the day was end with no fish. We decided to come back early morning next day (May 21st) because we had spotted about 6-7 nice snappers in the structure. We swam directly to the spot with a charged battery for the flashlight to be able to look for them all around. As soon as I got to the same spot, I was able to see 2 good size snappers getting into one of the holes. I dove and I was able to spot 1 cubera and 3 colorado snappers but not as big as the day before. I kept searching until I found THE ONE. Started a dive to try to put a head shot thru a small hole in the structure, but I did not take it because the snapper wasn’t even showing the hole head, it hid as soon as I got down, so I decided swim up. I breath and relax thinking to try one more time and put a stone shot only. I went down and this time I could see his eyes at least, I knew I didn't have the stone shot, but a good holding shot in its head and decide to pull the trigger! I started to pull the line as hard as I could just and luckily the snapper swam out of the structure instead of going deeper in it. It gave a good fight after getting out, trying to pull me down and getting in his hole again, it took me a few seconds swimming before he took off some pressure, my body was full of adrenaline and just tried to focus in not getting any tangles as I was taking it to the surface. Grabbed it from the gills, dispatch it, and finally I started to celebrate, I knew it was a world record!!! Finally, I made a happy swim to shore with my PB fish and my first world record!
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