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World Record  
11.9 kg. ,   26.2 lbs.
Snapper, Northern Red    Lutjanus campechanus
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Skye Bailey
Date: 6/3/2023

The crew, Kyle, JR, Chris, Preston, and I were excited for our annual Red Snapper opener trip. We hit a few spots and the visibility was pretty low, but the guys all managed to pull up 20+ pound fish. I still hadn't taken a shot and was waiting till I found a big one. I was buddy diving with Chris, when he surfaced yelling, "There is a giant fish on the bottom!" He had a band tangle and came up short on his shot. I dove down and saw the fish he was yelling about – holy cow. I took a shot and struggled to wrestle the large fish up. I finally surfaced yelling, "It's a monster!" We used a boga grip on the boat to get a quick weight, and it read right under 28 pounds. We all couldn't believe the size of the fish, and it ended up being the largest Red Snapper of the day.
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