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World Record  
11.9 kg. ,   26.2 lbs.
Little Tunny    Euthynnus alletteratus
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Massimo Cecchetti
Date: 8/18/2023
Location: ITALY

It is the morning of 18 August, after a brief consultation and check of the weather forecast, I set off with my friend Paolo for a new adventure in the deep sea, we decide on a fishing trip into the blue in search of pelagic fish. The sea is calm, on the surface the water temperature is 28 degrees, we head to areas where the seagulls are circling in the sky, shouting and diving continuously, they are feasting on small fish that flee to the surface because of the attacks of large pelagics, so we head quickly to the area, in a few seconds I enter the water, unfortunately I do not see any fish, there are only dozens of small scales that glitter in the blue water reflecting the sun's rays, a sign that we arrived late, the feast is already over. The scene is repeated several times, until in a new attempt I find myself surrounded by dozens of hunting allerati, they come fast out of the blue from all directions, it is difficult to follow them with my eyes and align my arbalete, they cross over the sardine bank, I remain motionless about 15 metres from the surface, I finally shoot and hit one of the biggest ones, it starts off very fast and rips off almost all the 60 metres of dyneema I have in the reel, in a short time it slows down its run and I manage to retrieve it very slowly, when I hold it in my arms I realise that it is a beautiful fish. The fishing day is over, ritual photos and heading home with a smile on my face.
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